I’m going to live a long, long time

y dad says that he can read palms.  He can read the life line, the love line, the head line, etc.  He tells me that he can tell how many children I’m going to have.

I laugh and dismiss it because my dad is a bit of a joker.  Okay, his jokes are dry and really I’m the only one who understands them.  But that’s another story.

Anyway, my headline is a

long, curved line (running down toward the bottom corner of the palm).  I’m a creative thinker who can imagine many possible outcomes or approaches to any situation.

Well, that was just luck.

My heart line says that

Short, curved line (arcing up and ending about a half inch below the base of the middle finger): You are reserved and prefer small groups to big ones. You open up in one-on-one settings.


My lifeline tells me that

Long line (curving around the ball of the thumb and ending at the base of the palm, as shown here): You’re a rock whom people count on to stay strong in difficult times.


Well, that was a bit spooky.  Admittedly, I only checked one website.

Okay, I’m going to go back to being a gentle skeptic.


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