Blogging 201: Day Six – Dig Deep into a Social Network

Oh, dear.

Social networks.

Okay. Let’s see what the assignment is before I start ranting.

By the way, I happen to post a link of my blog posts to my Twitter feed.  It’s here, in case you wanted to follow me.  I don’t post much; I post more when I’m watching tv, usually on Tuesday nights while I’m fangirling over The Flash and Agents of SHIELD.  Occasionally, I’ll be on while I’m watching Doctor Who.  But everything has gone on the midseason break, except for Doctor Who…which this season was brilliant.


You don’t want to read about my fangirling?

Eh.  Your loss.

Oh, I’m also on Instagram.  I’m here if you want to follow me.  No, I won’t give up my profile name. What? You didn’t think of it sooner?  Sorry.  I love Instagram more than Twitter.  I don’t feel like I’m shouting into a vacuum.  Plus, I like taking pictures more.  There’s just so…much on Twitter.  It’s overwhelming, and I just don’t need that in my life.

So, today’s assignment has me picking one social network to grow my blog and then drawing up an outline for how I’ll use it.

Okay, I suppose I can do that.  But here’s the thing. I’m writing almost constantly.  And if I’m not writing, then I’m thinking about writing.  It would seem to be boring if all my pictures were of my laptop or an open notebook…full of blankness.

Well, that’s not true.  I do take pictures while I’m out walking or when I’m with other people.  I try not to take too many pictures of myself.  Not because I am camera shy but because I never think to take a picture of myself.

I’ve been posting a bit more to my LinkedIn page, but only for my paid articles.  It’s my professional page.

I’m not creating a Facebook page, thanks.  I *do* have a Pinterest account, but I don’t really see the point of having a Pinterest account linked to my blog.

Oh, and yes, I *do* have a Goodreads account.  It’s here, if you’re curious.  Currently, I’m reading sci-fi, not a genre that I usually find myself in but I read John Scalzi‘s Redshirts, thought it brilliant and decided to dive into his Old Man’s War series.

Anyway, where was I?

Right.  Social media.

So, let’s see…

  • I already publicize my posts.
  • I try to update twice a day (depending on the site).
  • Sharing other bloggers’ posts?  I’ll try it.
  • Pictures?  I already upload my own pictures on Instagram.
  • Asking a question.  Hmmm, this one is tricky but I suppose it’s my own damn fault.  I’ve tried to ask questions, but I don’t have much of a reader response to those questions.  I suppose that’s why I’m trying this whole Blogging 201 thing.  I’ll try it again, but I’m not expecting much out of it.
  • Participate in three other discussions.  So, other discussions?  More than commenting on other people’s posts?  Again, I’ll try but I’m not sure of the results.

Have I missed anything?  What are your favorite social media sites?


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