Blogging 201: Day Eight – Make Your Blog a Hub

Today’s assignment has me

creating a page or section on my blog to display links to my online presence elsewhere; making sure that my othe prescenes reflect the brand I’ve been developing.

So….is this different than the widgets that say where else you can find me?  Like my Twitter page or my Instagram account?  Or perhaps, it’s my Goodreads account or more recently articles that I’ve written?  You know, the ones that have a byline and have paid me.  I could point you in the direction of other blogs that I’ve posted in but they don’t have my name and they are so overworked that they no longer resemble the original pieces that I submitted.  (Sorry for the run-on sentence.)

By the way, I can write a blog post that’s SEO friendly.  If that’s what you need, I can certainly write an article.

I’ve been thinking about posting on Medium, bu I can’t really think of why I would, you know?

Anyway, that’s my two cents.  I’ll think about a separate page with the rest of my online presence.


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