Blogging 201: Day Ten – Give ‘Em What They Want, II

I’m supposed to create a poll or survey about my blog. So, we’ve established that I’m more of a personal blogger and really have no agenda. I’m not selling you, the reader, anything. It’s up to you whether or not what I’m writing is worth your time.

I don’t necessarily need a poll to let me know what resonates more with readers and what doesn’t. Now, I may not use it – and in fact, I probably​ won’t. Sorry. – but the point is that I could use but choose not to.

I can tell you that one of my more well-read posts was about the books I read as a kid. That was pretty awesome. But I’m not a book blog. Like I said before, I treat my blog as my journal. It’s got a mashup of everything that interests me. The only thing that isn’t on this blog are the bits and pieces of miasma that I find interesting, as in the forms of fortune cookies, bits of song lyrics, an interesting brochure, what have you.

So, yeah, just a bit of what’s in my head and nothing else. ​


2 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Day Ten – Give ‘Em What They Want, II

  1. Run a silly one. I ran one on my Tumblr once about whether or not people loved pumpkin spice. I was having a rant about how wonderful it was and was questioning the reality of anyone who didn’t agree, so the poll was heavily biased in its questions. But the comments were hysterical.

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