In which I sit and rest…

I am still sitting here vibrating with the excitement of Star Wars. I won’t spoil *anything* but I will say that I was so very, very pleased.  I would go again today, but I’m not up for human interaction right now, which will become apparent in a few paragraphs.

Anyway, my husband and I saw the movie on Friday night.  Us and five billion of our closest friends.  There was the usual snaking line and then the line rounded the corner to the exit and then started to curl back on itself.  My joy at the movie cannot be contained.

When we came back home, our friend was getting ready for Christmas with the kids.  Since the kids spend most holidays with their other parent, we celebrate with them a week before.  It’s nice for them because they get two Christmases, and we just get to sleep in and not worry about anything on Christmas Day.  Except for food, of course.  We always worry about getting something to eat.  But then again, where we live there’s always places to go on Christmas Day.

We’ll be traveling to see my parents – a first in awhile – on Christmas Day. It should be an easy drive, because who drives on Christmas Day?  Well, besides us, of course.  My mother has finally lost her hair due to the chemo, and that should be weird for her.  She never wants to be seen as weak or vulnerable but chemo and cancer forces your hand.  Asking for help is not her forte.

Wonder where I learned it from.

Celebrating Christmas a week early just cuts out the stress.  While everyone is running around, I’m just sitting back and letting everything wash over me.  Now, I really should get something for my parents and I will.  Tonight after dinner, while the football game is on and everyone is cheering and sitting around their tv’s.


Work has been very busy for me.  But then again, December is always busy for me.  We have our licensing audits; Christmas gifts for clients; end of the actual year.  Everyone is stressed out anyway because of Christmas and there’s stil residual stress from the uncertainty of a possibly unfunded program come the new year.

Yeah, just a wee bit stressed.

My boss – who happens to be the big boss – just let me know of some potentially program changing news.  Supposedly, the person in question was supposed to let me know…but didn’t.  I mean, ultimately, I am not surpised…sorta.  I mean, I have my good days with this person and bad days.  Ultimately, I never wish people ill.  I’ll wish this person the best and I supose I’ll just have to start planning the good-bye party.

Of course, that’s my lot in this job.


I really shouldn’t have planned anything after Charmas.  I’m just too wiped out to do anything of worth.  Plus, the night before I was up till 2 am trying to set up my husband’s XBox One.  Charmas started at 7 am.  I chose to get up at 6:30 to beat the rush to the only bathroom in the house.

That’s another story.  I’m still too tired to fully tell that story.


I saw on wordpress’s blog that the year’s best post will be coming out soon.  I supose I should recap.  And maybe, I will.

But I’ll save that for some other time.


By the way, I’m listening to the Star Wars soundtrack while I write and I have to say that John Williams sure does know how to write a score that hits you right at your heart.  I may or may not be holding back tears while certain tracks play.


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