On Stats and Other Things

I find statistics interesting.  But only in relation to myself.  Give me baseball stats or the wrestling stats my husband is so into and I will zone off and start thinking about Star WarsDomhnall Gleeson or Oscar Issac (current crushes).

Anyway, here’s my current stats.

But what about your favorite post of the year, Charlie?  What’s your favorite?

Well, I would call it a favorite.  Nor would I say that I wrote it in 2015 but rather at the end of 2014.  I’m referring, of course, to this post.  Really, looking back on it, the feelings I wrote about in the post isn’t nearly a tenth of the emotions I felt that day.

I quietly marked the day and wondered if anyone else would notice.

They didn’t.  And that’s fine.  No one really knows how to deal with grief, espeically over a being that never saw the light of day.  But that’s for another time.



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