What I’m Reading

(I’m typing this out on my phone.  Forgive the mistakes.)

I’m reading two books currently: Chapelwood by Cherie Priest and Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson.  Chapelwood is the second in the Borden Dispatches series about an alternative universe where Lizzie Borden killed her parents because of Cthulu.  (Again, forgive the spelling.  I’m sure it’s not spelled as such.)  Yes, just go with it.  The first book, Maplecroft, was fun, exciting, and immediately pulled me in.

This one…seems to be taking its time.  I mean, I enjoyed her horror books greatly but I know she’ll never go back to them and told me as such when she answered my email.  Because she answered my plea to go back to horror, I will forgive her and try this series. 

I tried her Clockwork Century series…and while I found it intriguing I wasn’t enthralled.  Eh.  It’s isn’t for everyone and I understand.

But I have drifted off course.

Chapelwood.  Lizzie Borden is twenty years older and has traveled south to deal with a cult trying to bring the Elder Gods back.  Or at least that’s  what I’m getting.  I’m about a fourth of the way in.  We’ll see.

The other book that I have begun two hours ago is from the writer of Ms. Marvel.  I can tell you that I am intrigued…and more interested in this book as opposed to Chapelwood.  I’m only on page 18 so I can’t tell you exactly where she’s going.  I’m willing to go on this ride.

I can tell you that I willingly let my husband play Fallout 4 so I can read.


What are y’all reading?  Anything I should put on my Goodreads list?


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