Saturday Thoughts

I took yesterday and Tuesday off.  Monday is a holiday (President’s Day), so I have a five day weekend.  Awesome.  I wrote an article while waiting for my car at the dealership and started writing another one when I went to the library.  I’d love to spend my days writing, but that’s not bringing in the bacon.

Well, neither is my current job.  I’ve applied to another non-profit, but my friend suggested (upon further thinking) that it should have a cover page with it.  I’ll get to it in a moment.

I’ve also picked up a book A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.  I mean, I downloaded it from my local library.  I’d rather have a physical book in my hands.  I can’t judge how far along I am in the book, but I do love it.  It may be one of those rare books that I buy for myself. Reading it on my phone or my laptop doesn’t exactly feel real, you know?

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get back to a publishing schedule, but I haven’t had the energy actually to do it.  I still maintain that it’s the lack of direct sunlight.  The days are finally starting to get longer, but currently, there’s a polar vortex sitting on top of us which makes going for a walk near impossible.

Also, people are jerks and don’t shovel their sidewalks.


Go ahead, look it up.  I’ll wait.

Anyway, I’m working on that second article – because I care more about articles for the Parachute blog than I do about the content writing that I do.  They are interesting and I get to research topics that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to but one pays more than the other, and it gives me a byline.

I’m all about the byline.

And the money.

I’m all for the byline and the money.

There, I said it.

There are other things going on in my life, but really, it’s not my drama to share.  And I don’t want to share it anyway.

Back to writing.  Hope y’all are having a wonderful Saturday and I hope it isn’t too cold.



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