Two Maybe Three Things

It’s Sunday morning and I’m still sitting in bed.   I am ready for the daybut my hair won’t work with me.   Okay, it never really works with me.   It’s curly and fine and seems to dislike me.


My first thought is about the blog.   How do I get back to writing regularly?   So, I scroll through my feedly.   I find some articles. I start reading.   Hmmm.   None of these work for me.   This is a personal blog.   I’m not trying to sell you anything.   I’m not giving you advice.  I don’t think most of the articles I saved apply to me.   I just don’t care.  I will keep on keeping on and if I feel like nuking the blog,  I will.

Not that I am nuking it.   It was just an example.

Second,  there’s a parade!   It’s celebrating the Chinese New Year.   So,  happy year of the monkey everyone!

Third, grief never quite leaves you along does it?   This will be further explored later. 

There’s a parade to watch.


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