The Monday List: The Podcasts (Part II)

Last Monday, I wrote about these podcasts.  This is the second half of the extensive list.

16.  Switched on Pop:  Charlie and Nate are hilarious.  They breakdown, debate, and just explain things about pop music.  Yes, even the Biebs.  They made me have a little sympathy for him.  A little.  Just a sliver.  Anyway, most of their episodes are short, and if you don’t find at least a couple of songs that make you listen to them in a different light, then you’re not paying attention.  By the way, I didn’t know this, but they are on different coasts.  I *never* knew it until I read their bio.  Who knew.

17.  Happier with Gretchen Rubin:  Gretchen and her sister, Elizabeth are trying to make people happier with their podcast.  Well, with the advice they give in this funny and warm-hearted podcast.

18.  Beat Infertility:  I am still up in the air about this one.  Like the other podcast down below, I don’t fly with casual speaking in a podcast.  For some reason, it pushes a button that makes it hard for me to concentrate on the content.  Instead of the content, I am focusing on the sound of your voice and how you pronounce things.  I am distracted, and I hate that.  So, for the time being, this one is getting a heavier no from me.  Besides, the subject isn’t for everyone.

19.  Serial:  I’m not enthralled with this second season.  And from what I consider my husband’s lack of needling, he’s forgotten as well.  Is there such a thing as the sophomore slump for podcasters?  It seems that this one is going through it.  I haven’t heard anyone rave about this current season.  So, we’ll see what happens in the third season.  In the meantime, the episodes are still in my queue.

20.  Pitch:  Pitch was the podcast that introduced me to #16.  Pitch is on…hiatus right now? I write it with a question mark because there was no announcement.  Anyway, like Switched on Pop, Pitch explores music and music theory.  My favorite episode is about the Clearmountain pause.

21.  DIY MFA Radio:  Okay, I refuse to listen to this podcast anymore.  I’m sorry, but I am of the opinion that you need to sound professional doing a podcast.  You *may* have great advice, but how you speak drives me crazy.  Seriously.

22.  I Should be Writing:  Another podcast about writing.  Mur Lafferty is the author of many books that’s on my to be read list.

23.  Shut Up & Sit Down:  My husband found them first on Youtube and then we found that they have a podcast.  They play the new games and review them.  Wil Wheaton does the same thing with Table Top.  All are awesome.  Plus, British accents.

24.  Elsie’s Yoga Class:  Elsie hasn’t updated since 2013.  But with over 80 classes, that’s okay.  Go back and listen to them and do the class with her.  She’s awesome and charming and is just an all-around great person.  I think she’s doing another podcast right now, but I haven’t found it…yet.

25.  The Meditation Podcast:  Jesse and Jeane Stern will lead you through meditation.  It works. They don’t update often but feel free to go back and listen to each episode.  They also tell you not to listen to it while driving.  Yeah, it’s just that relaxing.

26.  Grammar Girl:  Did you know that she had a podcast?  Okay, we probably all knew this. But hey, it’s ten minutes at the most and teaches you something about grammar or vocabulary or both.

27.  Savage Lovecast:  Dan Savage writes an advice sex column.  He also has a podcast.  It’s pretty awesome and will open your eyes to new things.  When I say “new things” I actually mean sex. It teaches you new things about sex.  It’s not safe for work but it sure does amuse me when I do listen at work!  🙂

28.  TED Radio Hour:  We all know about TED (technology, education, design) talks and whether you love or hate them, it pretty much will make you think.

29.  Still Untitled:  The Adam Savage Project:  Man, I know that Mythbusters hasn’t ended yet, but I will miss the hell out of it when it finally ends this year.  To comfort me, there is where Adam and his two friends (Will and Norm) talk about everything and anything.  The last episode was about cognitive dissonance.  Awesome stuff.  Also, they talk about movies and will discuss what makes them love it or hate it.

30.  Writing Excuses:  “Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart.”  The first writing podcast that I found several years ago and while I don’t write sci-fi, I find much of what they talk about can be applied to other genres.  Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells host this podcast and at the end gives the listener a prompt. “You’re out of excuses, now go write.”

31.  Welcome to Night Vale:  I hope all of you know about Welcome to Night Vale.  If you don’t, stop reading and go listen.  I promise, it’s worth it.


Okay, so next week, I’ll write about the music that I love.  It’ll probably be a three or four part post.


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