Blogging A to Z: Alex

[Side note:  It’s April.  Which means, it’s Blogging from A to Z.  It started Friday, April 1 and continues on all month, except for the weekends.  I decided to write drabbles. Drabbles are super short stories that are 100 words long.  They may be connected, they may not be.  Anyway, here’s Alex.]

Alex wrote his name over and over until he got his signature down exactly how he wanted.  It was boring and tedious, but he needed to practice.  It was drilled into his head by his mother daily.

“If you ever want to perfect something, you have to practice it every day,” she would say.

He believed her.  She was a trustworthy person, he thought, even if he didn’t have the words to describe her as such. So, Alex would sit at the kitchen table and wrote his name over and over again.  Alexander Aiden Mulcahy.

His mother would be proud.





11 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z: Alex

    1. Thank you. I realized that it was April 1st and I needed to write something. Then I realized that it was almost midnight. 🙂 I always knew that I wanted to pull off s ok me sort of short story/drabble thing. So, what better way than to throw myself into it. 🙂

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