Blogging A to Z: Concentrated

[Side note #1:  I realized that I was behind.  So, here you go.  A two-post day.]

My bio on Twitter reads “I’m not short, I’m concentrated.”  It amused me at the time and to be honest, it still does.  I *am* short, and I suppose I can be intense sometimes.  It’s not how I see myself, but often a person rarely has a hand in how others see them.  Friends tell me that I can be intimidating when they first meet me.  I’m puzzled by this, but then again, I take extreme care in my presentation to the world.  I’m very private and tend to keep my counsel.  Oh, well.  I’m not going to change now.

[Side note #2:  Is it a work of fiction or not?! ;)]


6 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z: Concentrated

  1. I AM tall… nearly six feet… not quite. Some short people are intimidated simply because I am tall. The funny part is that I’m a pussy cat in nature! Good for you for standing up for yourself!! You Rock!

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