Blogging A to Z: Distracted

Alex wasn’t often distracted.  He had the presence of mind and drive to remain focused even in the most distracting of circumstances.  He learned to keep out of the way of most people in high school and college.  But now, in grad school, he felt his mind start to wander.  Alex sighed and closed the text he was studying.  He stood up and stretched his arms above his head and cracked his neck.  He scanned the other patrons in the old library and felt a pair of eyes on him.  Alex turned around but saw no one looking at him.

[Side note:  Yes, this is Alex Mulcahy, older and still very focused.  But who’s watching him?  Is it this person?  And how does this relate?  I don’t know!!!  That’s the fun part.  It may not even be connected at all!  (It’s probably connected.  Everything is connected.)]


6 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z: Distracted

      1. I brainstormed the words but not what I’m going to write for them. A vague idea/notion is floating somewhere up above my head. I’m sure it’ll descend on me when I need it.

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