Blogging A to Z: Parallel

They were leading similar but parallel lives.  While Alex had no family, Katherine had Abigail.  But for all of Abigail’s fuss, Katherine still felt extremely alone and sad.  Forever wondering and alone, knowing that someone out there might be their perfect match but never meeting the other person. Once in a while, their lives would almost intersect but life has a funny and strange sense of humor.  All of their close encounters were just that:  close encounters, almost meeting.  Neither Alex nor Katherine had ever met and at the rate things were going it seemed that they would never meet.


2 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z: Parallel

    1. Well, we’ll see what the characters want to do. *I* certainly want them to meet and I’ve been pushing for them to meet but so far they have proven to be a bit resistant to my efforts.


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