Blogging 201: Day Six – Dig Deep into a Social Network

Oh, dear.

Social networks.

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Welcome to the Modern Age

LAF wrote this post about finally stepping into the digital age.

I wrote this response:

My dear, as you know, I live with a self-confessed former Luddite.  When I showed him the capabilities of what the digital world can do he changed his tune quickly.  Of course, I told him the wonders of the modern age.  He tuned me out.  So…when faced with your own struggle to have a smartphone, I (and I suspect many others) just let you have at it.  Some people learn by doing.  Others by listening.  I and suspect you, learn by doing.  I can’t (won’t?) tell you *what* to do, just let you be.  Showing and having patience, especially regarding technology seems to be the name of the game.

And then I decided, fuck it.  I’ll turn the response into a post.  It’s not what I posted, it’s what I almost posted.  

So, technically, this is a prompt post.

One for posting today and two for hitting a prompt.

Yah for me and writing.

In her post, she writes about how much her smartphone (dubbed Trinket) has changed her life.  She’s still wary about it but also realizes the benefits of such a magical handheld device (My words, not her’s.)  She calls herself a Luddite which reminds me of my husband and his absolute (former) reflectance to the Internet and smartphones.  Okay, to be fair, he still doesn’t like smartphones too much.  It’s too small for him and his sausage like fingers (his words, not mine) and he’s not comfortable looking at the screen.  

I suppose I could get him a bigger phone, but he’s not interested and I’m not committed into talking him into a bigger device, especially if he doesn’t use it.  Also, he’s hard on his phones.  He forgets them, drops them, lets the batteries down (ignores) doesn’t hear the phone ring.  But it’s just handy for emergency purposes.  He’s fine with a not-too-bright smartphone.

But when he finally stepped the 9 ¾ platform with me to journey into the Internet?  Well, that was mind-blowing.  He spends a fair amount of time on it and has even learned some of more useful side of the Internet…and also, the not so useful sides of the Internet.  

I’m looking at you Web MD.  That site shouldn’t exist for hypochondriacs.  

Anyway, the Modern Age.  He recognizes the good that it can do, but he’s not so bound up in it that he has to be connected at all times.  He leaves that for his darling wife.  


Missing Prompts, September 25

Missing Prompts

September 25 – Friday Favorites

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Missing Prompt, September 19

Missing Prompts

September 19 – Pop Culture Crush

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Missing Prompt, September 8

Honestly, do I need to go back and explain myself?



List of Missing Prompts

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Missing Prompt: StaDA September 2015 – September 8

the prompt

Hmm, looks like I’m going to be aiming for 800 to 1000 words in this story.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull that off since my writing life seems to be crazy.  But sure. Why the hell not.

Looks like I’ve got to incorporate these things:

  • a black-and-white cat
  • a pot of gold
  • hair curlers
  • a terrible storm
  • a chess game
  • a cow

As always, I’ve taken liberties.

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Missing Prompts (Updated…Yah?)

Okay, through my stellar investigation skills I’ve discovered that I am missing these Story a Day prompts:

and these Writing 101 prompts

  • How was your writing 101 experience?
  • Day 20, The future
  • Day 19, Feature a guest
  • Day 18, A map as your muse
  • Day 17, Mine Your Own Material
  • Day 16, Search your stats for a post idea
  • Day 15, Take a cue from your readers
  • Day 14, Recreate a Single Day
  • Day 13, Compose a Series of Vinettes



I don’t know why I missed these prompts.  They weren’t in my inbox.  I have also noticed that some of these prompts were late coming in.  I’m not blaming anyone, it’s just an observation.

Okay, onwards and upwards.

Ambrož, Lily, Boone, and Marin won’t write themselves.

StaDA September 2015: A Blind Date

the prompt

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Writing 101: Inspiration from Social Media

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Prompts Tuesday: The Black Question

Lots of writing to get to today.

  1. Prompts
  2. A short story (or an attempt anyway)
  3. Finishing an article and submit it.

But first the prompt.

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