I thought…

…that I had y and z tucked away somewhere for the blogging a to z thingy.  I might still.  I just have to dig up an old midori insert.  




I’m caught up.

That is all.

I am an *Awesome* Person…

…who has forgotten to write and hit publish on things.

Sorry about that.  To be fair, I was driving home from my parents house which was four and half hours away and I was recovering from the drive…which I managed to hurt my back and suffer a migraine while driving home.


So, I’m back and will catch up with the A to Z Challenge.  I promise.

A Sunday Aside

  • I only have a vague notion of where I want the drabbles to go.  For right now, I’m treating them as a sort of world building for Alex, Katherine, and Abigail.  And honestly, I’m not sure if the three of them will survive a second draft.  But we’ll first see where this drabble set goes before I go making big proclamations.
  • I’ve been seeing a therapist and I’ve noticed something that I do and wanted to know if this was just me or if this was common.  I noticed myself speaking quickly about what happened since I last saw her.  And I mean really quickly…I know.  I know.  I don’t speak quickly at all outside of my appointments but in those sessions I find myself speaking faster than I ever have.  Is it because I need to let it all out?  Does this happen with other people?  I asked my husband and he said the same thing.  So, I don’t know.
  • It’s been quite quiet and lovely in the house.  While it continues to be a work in progress, at least now it is *my* work in progress.

That’s all for now.


Blogging A to Z: Frame

Katherine looked at how she framed herself for the past ten years.  She was a scared little girl who grew up to be a scared woman.  Everything scared her in life.  The one act of bravery was just a fluke, something that hadn’t been duplicated since.  What was she doing with her life?

Alex framed himself as a determined man.  Someone who had a one-track mind, ambitious almost to a fault.  But still he was lonely.  He had no one ton congratulate him, slap him on the back, or give him a hug.  What was he doing with his life?

On Crushes and my Brain

[Side Note:  After this morning’s dream, I had a surprise visitor.  That subconscious visitor is at the end.]

I love how my dreams and subconscious influence my waking life.  This past weekend, I had two dreams.  One was of Chris Evans doing his best Steve Rogers/Captain America and the other was of Lin-Manuel Miranda doing his best…well, his best self.  Now, admittedly, the Chris Evans part of the dream was most likely influenced by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Or more likely, countered by the movie.  Yes, I am a Marvel girl through and through.  It’s not that I don’t like DC, I just happen to know more about Marvel and feel more connected to it.

Where was I?




Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The LMM part of my dream was most likely influenced by Hamilton being on repeat on my iPod and in my head.  Sure, okay.  Go ahead.  I don’t mind.  Call me out.  It’s fine.  I deserve whatever derision you decide to throw at my head.  My husband says that I am secretly a fan of the modern musical and not those musicals that his parents like.


Anyway, the dream was pretty innocuous but when I woke up, I knew for a fact that my subconscious just developed a crush.  And crush I have.  I’m sure in time it will subside and my subconscious will develop another infatuation for me.  But I just find it…interesting the men I crush on.  This one knocked me for a loop because he’s not British.  That’s really my requirement for crushes.  You are British and you make me laugh.

I’m easy to please.

And apparently, I’m attracted to men of talent.  And genius.  Who knows.  I don’t.

Anyway, that’s it.  Now, if you’ll excuse me I can’t get the soundtrack out of my head.


Right, so I wrote this post last night before going to sleep. I should’ve known better.  Since, I was a kid I’ve consistently dreamed about this one person.  He makes an appearance every now and again.  So, of course, he shows up last night.  When I was in high school, I jokingly called him my arch nemesis.  You know, as much as a high schooler can have an arch nemesis.  Really he wasn’t.  I, obviously, had a crush on him.  And that crush waxed and waned for the better part of our elementary, junior high, and high school experiences.  And as in real life, he was always out of my reach.  There’s probably a groove in my brain that is dedicated to him, which is unfortunately.  I’d like to have grooves in my brain for other reasons.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Untitled #31

I don’t have writer’s block, just so you know.  I’ve been writing but not here, unfortunately.  Will that change?  Possibly.  There’s so many writing projects right now, I’m not entirely sure where to begin.

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Two Maybe Three Things

It’s Sunday morning and I’m still sitting in bed.   I am ready for the daybut my hair won’t work with me.   Okay, it never really works with me.   It’s curly and fine and seems to dislike me.


My first thought is about the blog.   How do I get back to writing regularly?   So, I scroll through my feedly.   I find some articles. I start reading.   Hmmm.   None of these work for me.   This is a personal blog.   I’m not trying to sell you anything.   I’m not giving you advice.  I don’t think most of the articles I saved apply to me.   I just don’t care.  I will keep on keeping on and if I feel like nuking the blog,  I will.

Not that I am nuking it.   It was just an example.

Second,  there’s a parade!   It’s celebrating the Chinese New Year.   So,  happy year of the monkey everyone!

Third, grief never quite leaves you along does it?   This will be further explored later. 

There’s a parade to watch.

100 Objects: Bracelets and Watches

[Side Note: I talk about cancer and breasts. If that freaks you out, or if you have an aversion to breasts, then get the fuck out. I don’t have time to coddle you, through your fear of the other gender.]

Other 100 Objects posts can be found here, here, and here.

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The Monday List: The Podcasts (Part I)

Listen, I love my lists.  You can find them, herehere, here, and here.  On a Monday, I wrote a list of books.  So, this Monday, I thought I’d write about the podcasts I listen to, whether I’m at work, at home, on my walks, or driving to my parents house.  Because driving long distances is made for listening to podcasts.  Working is made for podcasts as well.  The filing is more enjoyable while someone is speaking about a topic that you find interesting.

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