Blogging A to Z: Optimist

Ever the optimist, Alex knew that one day he’d find someone to share his life.  But as time passed, Alex remained alone, wondering if his optimism was misplaced.  Did he need to be doing something else?  Was this not how fate worked?  What was he supposed to do?


Ever the pessimist, Katherine knew that she would spend her time alone.  She worried though that she was keeping Abigail from a life of her own.  But Abigail was an adult and could do whatever she wanted.  It wasn’t as if she was the one keeping her sister tethered to her side.


Blogging A to Z: No

No, there was no alternate universe.  Alex and Katherine’s lives were parallel than anything, just missing each other.  He would pass by her and she would look up, rubbing her chest where her heart lay hidden beneath, wondering what was missing from her life.   That deep longing would eventually pass and fade until their paths almost crossed again.  Eyes missing each other, hands grazing other objects, shoulders bumping into strangers.

No, there was no meet-cute for them.  Introductions must be made and if the Universe wasn’t going to cross their paths, perhaps it was time for Fate to step in.

Blogging A to Z: Longing

She felt a deep longing at the very core of her being.  The kind of longing that could only be described as heartbreaking.  She longed to be free of the ever present fear that dogged her steps.  She longed to be free of the self-doubt she created for herself.  She even longed to be free of her sister, even with all her quirks and faults.

Katherine longed to be someone else, somewhere else.  For something different.  She wanted all of this and more but wasn’t quite sure how to do it.  Where was she to begin? And how?  And now…

Blogging A to Z: Katherine

Katherine saved her sister.  Now, she was backed into a corner.  No one was going to save her from the fate that she saved Abigail from.  There was no one she could count on or ask for help.  Never had she felt more alone than now.  Abigail was too young to know what Katherine did to save her nor would she fully ever understand the sacrifice.  Katherine supposed that this was for the best.  If she only did one thing in the world (and it increasingly looked that way) then saving Abigail was the best decision she had ever made.

Blogging A to Z: Joyful

Neither Katherine or Alex were inclined to be joyful.  Both were anxious – even if Alex didn’t know it; wary, and careful to a fault.  But this did not mean they were completely devoid of joy in their lives.  And Abigail, despite her own faults, desperately tried to get Katherine to loosen up; while Alex tried hard to fit in.

Both, unfortunately, were disasters.  Eventually, Alex would revert back to his shy and bookish ways while Abigail would throw up her hands in disgust.  Alex, Katherine, or Abigail never quite understood that sometimes being joyful meant different things to different people.


I’m about three days behind.  How the hell does that happen?!?!

Blogging A to Z: Imagine

A letter to my sister, Abigail

Dear Abigail,

I want you to imagine something for me.  I want you to imagine a girl, scared of everything and everyone.  Terrified of doing or saying the wrong things because of an incident that happened she was a child.  Expectations run high for this girl and because of the incident, it has paralyzed the girl.  She can barely think straight without seeing people’s disappointed faces.  It kills her slowly, every day.  It’s non-stop.  She barely has anyone in the beginning and those who have stuck around are rapidly dwindling.

Imagine it, Abigail.


Blogging A to Z: Hindsight (Bonus!)

Hindsight is 20/20.  I wouldn’t know about that but what I do know is that my foresight is excellent.  So, what do I need hindsight for?  I’ve lived my life exactly how I wanted to live my life.  I’ve always had a plan and I’m not about to diverge from my plan.  I won’t let this obstacle get in my way.  I won’t regret it.  I need to do this.  For myself.  For my mother.  To prove to everyone who stood in my way that I could do this.  So, no.  I’m not going to let anything get in my way.


Who’s speaking?  I’m not entirely sure.

Blogging A to Z: Hasenpfeffer

“What is this?”  Alex asked.

“Oh, it’s hasenpfeffer,” was the blissful reply.

“Really?  It looks…good,” he said eyeing the dish.

“You’ll like it, I promise.”

Alex nodded curtly.  He scooped it onto his spoon and eyed it.  He looked and saw his mother smiling beatifically at him.  Alex wiped the expression on his face.  He took a tentative taste of the stew as surprise overwhelmed him.

“That’s really good, Mom!  I like how the beef is cooked.”

“Oh, that’s not beef, Sweetheart.  That’s rabbit,” she said standing. She missed the pale and pained look of her only son’s face.

Blogging A to Z: Guess

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Abigail muttered as she passed her sister another cookie.

Katherine shrugged and took the cookie.  “I said that I don’t know.” She nibbled the cookie and looked thoughtfully into the distance.  “I don’t know what we’re doing here or why.  All I know is that you dragged me out here to do what?  Gawk at people?  Stare?  Spy?  Play guessing games with your sister?”

Abigail held her tongue while Katherine spoke.  It wasn’t often her sister said anything so this was a blessing, even if she was the intended victim of her ire.


Blogging A to Z: Frame

Katherine looked at how she framed herself for the past ten years.  She was a scared little girl who grew up to be a scared woman.  Everything scared her in life.  The one act of bravery was just a fluke, something that hadn’t been duplicated since.  What was she doing with her life?

Alex framed himself as a determined man.  Someone who had a one-track mind, ambitious almost to a fault.  But still he was lonely.  He had no one ton congratulate him, slap him on the back, or give him a hug.  What was he doing with his life?