Blogging A to Z: Shadows

The setting sun threw shadows as they walked the down the street.  They ran out of things to say to each other but while there was silence, it wasn’t uncomfortable.  They were warm and excited from the talking.  Street lamps came on one by one seemingly lighting their way, throwing the menacing shadows further into the darkness.

Eventually, they arrived at her doorstep.  She stood on the first step so they were eye to eye.  She smiled and he smiled back.  They fumbled for words, stuttering;  blushes reddening their faces.

She leaned in.

He leaned in.

Smiling they went in.


Blogging A to Z: Romantic

“That’s one of your problems, you know?” said Abigail at the same time Matt said to Alex.

“No, what?” said Katherine and Alex at the same time in different parts of the cafe.

“You’re too much of a romantic.”


Matt and Abigail sighed.  “Romantic.  Idealistic.  THat’s what I meant.  You’re too idealistic.  Your standards are too high.”

They blinked, incredulously.


“So, you’ll never find anyone with that attitude.  No one will ever measure up.  I”m afraid you’ll end up alone.”

“I appreciate your concern, really, but ultimately, it’s not up to you on whether or not I’m happy.”

I am an *Awesome* Person…

…who has forgotten to write and hit publish on things.

Sorry about that.  To be fair, I was driving home from my parents house which was four and half hours away and I was recovering from the drive…which I managed to hurt my back and suffer a migraine while driving home.


So, I’m back and will catch up with the A to Z Challenge.  I promise.

Blogging A to Z: Question

“Let me ask you a question then,” Abigail said in between bites of salad.  “What would you do if the perfect person walked through those doors right now?  What would you do?”

Katherine blinked and trying to imagine her perfect person.  He would be tall, good-looking but not ridiculously good looking, well-mannered, intelligent, funny, kind, warm-hearted, and patient.  Very, very patient.  She tried to imagine what he’d look like.  Would he have brown hair?  Blonde?  Black?  Freckles?  Fair-skinned?  What?  What would he look like?

“Nothing, because he doesn’t exist,” Katherine said after a minute of thinking.

Just the door opened.

Huh, I Should’ve Planned Ahead

I’m behind.  Does that surprise you?  It surprises me just a little and then again, it doesn’t. I’m at my parents’ house visiting and their wi-fi is a bit spotty.  I’ve just installed the wi-fi extender/booster whatever it’s called and it seems to be doing just the job.  My dad wanted to buy a laptop and new printer yesterday, so I suppose I “earned my keep” by helping my dad purchase a new laptop and printer at the local big box store.  After all the trouble I went through to get the laptop up and running I convince him to purchase that extender.

Have I mentioned that it’s working great?!  🙂

Anyway, I know that I behind on my A to Z challenge drabbles and I promise that I will be writing those tonight.


Blogging A to Z: Parallel

They were leading similar but parallel lives.  While Alex had no family, Katherine had Abigail.  But for all of Abigail’s fuss, Katherine still felt extremely alone and sad.  Forever wondering and alone, knowing that someone out there might be their perfect match but never meeting the other person. Once in a while, their lives would almost intersect but life has a funny and strange sense of humor.  All of their close encounters were just that:  close encounters, almost meeting.  Neither Alex nor Katherine had ever met and at the rate things were going it seemed that they would never meet.

Blogging A to Z: Optimist

Ever the optimist, Alex knew that one day he’d find someone to share his life.  But as time passed, Alex remained alone, wondering if his optimism was misplaced.  Did he need to be doing something else?  Was this not how fate worked?  What was he supposed to do?


Ever the pessimist, Katherine knew that she would spend her time alone.  She worried though that she was keeping Abigail from a life of her own.  But Abigail was an adult and could do whatever she wanted.  It wasn’t as if she was the one keeping her sister tethered to her side.

A Sunday Aside

  • I only have a vague notion of where I want the drabbles to go.  For right now, I’m treating them as a sort of world building for Alex, Katherine, and Abigail.  And honestly, I’m not sure if the three of them will survive a second draft.  But we’ll first see where this drabble set goes before I go making big proclamations.
  • I’ve been seeing a therapist and I’ve noticed something that I do and wanted to know if this was just me or if this was common.  I noticed myself speaking quickly about what happened since I last saw her.  And I mean really quickly…I know.  I know.  I don’t speak quickly at all outside of my appointments but in those sessions I find myself speaking faster than I ever have.  Is it because I need to let it all out?  Does this happen with other people?  I asked my husband and he said the same thing.  So, I don’t know.
  • It’s been quite quiet and lovely in the house.  While it continues to be a work in progress, at least now it is *my* work in progress.

That’s all for now.


Blogging A to Z: No

No, there was no alternate universe.  Alex and Katherine’s lives were parallel than anything, just missing each other.  He would pass by her and she would look up, rubbing her chest where her heart lay hidden beneath, wondering what was missing from her life.   That deep longing would eventually pass and fade until their paths almost crossed again.  Eyes missing each other, hands grazing other objects, shoulders bumping into strangers.

No, there was no meet-cute for them.  Introductions must be made and if the Universe wasn’t going to cross their paths, perhaps it was time for Fate to step in.

Blogging A to Z: Meet-Cute

In an alternate universe, perhaps Alex and Katherine meet cute.  Perhaps it is Alex who stumbles headlong into Katherine, knocking her belongings all over the sidewalk.  They both stoop to pick up the dropped things and smack heads.  They both fall back on their rumps, rubbing their heads, and when they finally look up at each other, they notice the attractiveness of the other person.  Perhaps, one or both of them will blush furiously, stammering all the while.  Perhaps, their hands will brush once, twice, three times before one of them suggests coffee.  Perhaps this isn’t in an alternate universe.