Untitled #34: Movement

So, I may have been working on another blog, one that is more “professional” and less well, whatever this is. (Sorry.)  I will have a blog element to it.  I just won’t be so…freewheeling.  I registered it under my real name using my big girl email address.  The email address I registered this blog under was definitely the *ahem* fandom email.  You don’t need to know about it.

You don’t need to know about it.

It’s not up up and I’m not entirely sure if I can merge the two together – I don’t think so, but I need to do some more digging.  But before I do that, I need to write the two articles that are due this week.  Better than the seven articles I had due last week.  But I choose to do those and I was happy to take all those assignments.

This is not a complaint.  As Joe Friday would say, “Just the facts, ma’am.” And if I have to explain that reference to you, you are either not of this particular country or too young.

Speaking of freelance gigs, I’ve just been accepted to another online publication to do more freelancing. This excites me for two reasons:

  • More writing
  • More writing that’s paid

Oh, sure, it’s rather small but I get a byline and sometimes that’s just a wee bit more important.  Getting paid to do something that I love is *always* a bonus.

Okay, time to make the donuts.


Untitled #33

I am just not motivated to write a blog post.  It’s not that I’m not writing.  Honestly, I average about four articles/posts a month for Parachute and that pleases me greatly.  So, I have to ask myself, what’s the purpose of this particular blog?  Most of the time, these days, if you have a blog then you are trying to sell something.

I’m not selling anything.  Though, it seems that if I want to become a full-time freelancer then I need to sell my services.  God, doesn’t that sound dirty?  I have neither the inclination or the temperament to go forth and network.  Yes, I understand that networking nowadays isn’t all the bad, but then I would need to step out of my shell, wouldn’t I and talk to people.

I talk to people all day long in my job.  Most of the time it is various coworkers who I am talking to but sometimes, just sometimes I am talking to someone on the verge of taking that first step to changing their lives around.  And let me tell you that first step?  It’s a doozy.  We’re asking you to trust us with helping you change your life.  Not easy.

Oh, look.  I’ve gone off topic.


Anyway, I’m still here.  Lurking.

Blogging A to Z: Weight

The weight of the world instantly lifted from their shoulders when they saw each other.  And as they ran to each other crying, another dark cloud came up.  They moved to the side and away from the crowd.

“I thought,” one started.

“You didn’t,” the other said.

“It doesn’t matter.  None of it matters right now.  You’re here and safe.  That’s all.”  He nodded resting his forehead against her’s.

“We need to leave,” he finally said, breathing in her subtle perfume.  Leaning against her, they walked away from the disaster.  “I’m sorry about your dress.”

“No, it doesn’t really matter.”

Blogging A to Z: Tone

You can’t really discern anything from an email, especially not tone or intent, Katherine thought to herself.  I mean, any number of things can happen and it’s not like talking face to face.

But as much as Katherine told herself this, the more the email worried her.  There was nothing she could do until it was time to go see him and until then, she was on pins and needles.

She slowly gathered her stuff together to go and meet him.  But she could not shake the deep feeling of despair that had settled in her stomach.  Quietly, she walked.

Blogging A to Z: Shadows

The setting sun threw shadows as they walked the down the street.  They ran out of things to say to each other but while there was silence, it wasn’t uncomfortable.  They were warm and excited from the talking.  Street lamps came on one by one seemingly lighting their way, throwing the menacing shadows further into the darkness.

Eventually, they arrived at her doorstep.  She stood on the first step so they were eye to eye.  She smiled and he smiled back.  They fumbled for words, stuttering;  blushes reddening their faces.

She leaned in.

He leaned in.

Smiling they went in.

Blogging A to Z: Question

“Let me ask you a question then,” Abigail said in between bites of salad.  “What would you do if the perfect person walked through those doors right now?  What would you do?”

Katherine blinked and trying to imagine her perfect person.  He would be tall, good-looking but not ridiculously good looking, well-mannered, intelligent, funny, kind, warm-hearted, and patient.  Very, very patient.  She tried to imagine what he’d look like.  Would he have brown hair?  Blonde?  Black?  Freckles?  Fair-skinned?  What?  What would he look like?

“Nothing, because he doesn’t exist,” Katherine said after a minute of thinking.

Just the door opened.

Blogging A to Z: Meet-Cute

In an alternate universe, perhaps Alex and Katherine meet cute.  Perhaps it is Alex who stumbles headlong into Katherine, knocking her belongings all over the sidewalk.  They both stoop to pick up the dropped things and smack heads.  They both fall back on their rumps, rubbing their heads, and when they finally look up at each other, they notice the attractiveness of the other person.  Perhaps, one or both of them will blush furiously, stammering all the while.  Perhaps, their hands will brush once, twice, three times before one of them suggests coffee.  Perhaps this isn’t in an alternate universe.

Blogging A to Z: Longing

She felt a deep longing at the very core of her being.  The kind of longing that could only be described as heartbreaking.  She longed to be free of the ever present fear that dogged her steps.  She longed to be free of the self-doubt she created for herself.  She even longed to be free of her sister, even with all her quirks and faults.

Katherine longed to be someone else, somewhere else.  For something different.  She wanted all of this and more but wasn’t quite sure how to do it.  Where was she to begin? And how?  And now…

Blogging A to Z: Katherine

Katherine saved her sister.  Now, she was backed into a corner.  No one was going to save her from the fate that she saved Abigail from.  There was no one she could count on or ask for help.  Never had she felt more alone than now.  Abigail was too young to know what Katherine did to save her nor would she fully ever understand the sacrifice.  Katherine supposed that this was for the best.  If she only did one thing in the world (and it increasingly looked that way) then saving Abigail was the best decision she had ever made.

Blogging A to Z: Joyful

Neither Katherine or Alex were inclined to be joyful.  Both were anxious – even if Alex didn’t know it; wary, and careful to a fault.  But this did not mean they were completely devoid of joy in their lives.  And Abigail, despite her own faults, desperately tried to get Katherine to loosen up; while Alex tried hard to fit in.

Both, unfortunately, were disasters.  Eventually, Alex would revert back to his shy and bookish ways while Abigail would throw up her hands in disgust.  Alex, Katherine, or Abigail never quite understood that sometimes being joyful meant different things to different people.


I’m about three days behind.  How the hell does that happen?!?!